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photoblog image .......willows......(fog #2)

.......willows......(fog #2)


it is a small world when there is fog


.......willows......(fog #2)


it is a small world when there is fog


comments (46)

  • Tracy
  • 19 Feb 2008, 00:10
Astrid this is just something else(awesome). I love this shot a big likey for me. Words can not express what is going through my tiny mind!! Ok I'm joking my mind is not that tinygrin

This is such a fantastic shot well done mijn vriendsmilesmile
Picturit: Tracy, being out there all by myself, no sounds...no nothing, this was such a great experience, coming home and find this on my screen..wink I only can be glad with your words, I am...smile Thanks Musketeer, we were thinking the same grin
  • mal
  • 19 Feb 2008, 00:57
errrm! how do you spell "likey" mal
Picturit: Mal, I think you just spelled it right and I am errrm.....delighted.
  • clarence
  • United States
  • 19 Feb 2008, 01:38
Well, they tried to chop them, but they are making a comeback!
Picturit: They always make their comeback, that is the beauty of these trees, thanks for visiting.
  • Helen
  • Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • 19 Feb 2008, 01:44
This is truly amazing. Everything about it is perfect!
Picturit: Thanks Helen for your compliment, I am pleased you like it.
Picturit: Thanks,
  • VZ
  • Atlanta, United States
  • 19 Feb 2008, 03:02
Oh dear. I suspect God let the fog down on the Netherlands with just one thought in mind: that's for Astrid's photographing pleasure, and for the rest of mortals to marvel what she'll do with it.
Picturit: Viktor, how can I stay modest if you keep saying these beautiful words to me?? I do admit I had 'a time of my life' (Dutch translated saying) and I do admit everything worked out well while I was out there, the fun, the joy, everthing... I do love the things I do and I do take my time while I am out there....it still feels magic to me, even if we have many foggy days.
Great composition on this awesome shot.
Picturit: Thank you for your kind words.
Lovely shot of these unique looking trees. Very nicely composed and great reflections.
Picturit: Willows are the most beautiful trees in the polder, this is Holland at its best, thanks.
  • Martin
  • Houston
  • 19 Feb 2008, 04:32
Another nice fog shot although I think the big tree stump unsettles the composition a little. This is a minor nitpick,though. You clearly made very good use of the weather!
Picturit: Martin, the big stump might give the disorder but I think it gives some character in this picture, the roughness of nature and yes I must admit I love the fog and now I know how to 'handle' it, it is even more fun, thank you for your kind words.
  • kay
  • United States
  • 19 Feb 2008, 05:44
Well done, Astrid. I love the fog for being there when you tood this picture!
Picturit: Thanks Kay I am pleased you like it.
What a lovely picture Astrid: with everything going into infinity
Picturit: That is what I like about the fog.....never ending,
Superb Astrid. I love the diagonal leading you to.....nothing!
Picturit: Bill, fog is magic and danger and beautiful and indeed leading to....nothing.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 19 Feb 2008, 07:40
maar een wonderwondermooie, verstilde wereld, absoluut perfect, dat slagt me met verstomming!
Picturit: Philine, jij zonder woorden, dat gebeurt niet vaak, ontzettend bedankt voor dit mooie compliment, ik weet dat ik je hier een heel groot plezier mee doe, ook de komende dagen zijn nog in de mist...een prettige dag.
Beautiful. That's the only way to describe this.
Picturit: Thank you I am pleased you like it.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 19 Feb 2008, 07:52
Interesting how different people observe differently. While for one the big tree stump unsettles, for me it 'makes' the picture into a likey.

I guess it is something that my science teacher (we called him the Neanderthal Man) at school said. "A rule is not a rule if there is no exception".
Picturit: I agree with you Louis, I think we had such a Neanderthal Man in my school too, when I walked the road, I saw this spot and at once I 'fell in love' with the big stump without any branches....thank you for your kind words.
You made a good use of the fog again. I like the reflections in the silent water.
Picturit: There was no wind, no sound, no nothing, just me and my camera and Mother Nature, I was a happy lady that day.
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 19 Feb 2008, 08:49
Wonderful shot Astrid.
Picturit: Thanks Aussie, I was so lucky that day, it was almost perfect for my camera....
  • mickyboy
  • North Yorkshire
  • 19 Feb 2008, 09:06
This reminds me so much of the many times I have been to Holland. I was stationed in Germany for 12 years and often went fishing on the Twenty canal and the rivers near Enchede and Almelo. some mornings were just like this.
Thank you Astrid for reminding me of those great days.
Picturit: Mick I am happy and proud that I can give you good memories with my pictures, you have been fishing in a nice surrounding, the serenity that fishing in the fog gives is only for those who have done so and understand what you are feeling now, I have done too, so I know.....
  • chad
  • The British Isles
  • 19 Feb 2008, 09:40
This is such a beauiful picure, Astrid. I love the stillness and the reflection in the water.
Picturit: Thank you Chad, for me it was the magic of Mother Nature too
  • vintage
  • australia
  • 19 Feb 2008, 10:00
THe REflection and the silhouette of the trees are Wonderful.
Picturit: I was so lucky that day, no wind at all, it was like a mirror.
  • anniedog
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 19 Feb 2008, 10:00
You have to wonder what that tree was doing there in the first place? Did it slip? A well observed shot Astrid - lovely.
Picturit: Yes Ingrid, in the years that it had been there, it grew old and tired of the thick branches, but small branches will come soon...
  • Gale
  • Cape of Storms
  • 19 Feb 2008, 10:00
BRILLIANT this is an outstanding photo.. Astrid gone to my likeys. One of the best I have ever seen. Well done!WOW!!!
Picturit: Gale, you make me blush with that great compliment, but it is most appreciated, thank you!!!
C'est vraiment très beau
Picturit: Merci beaucoup pour votre mots aimable and thanks for visiting!
Wow very nice photo you have here! Great colors and very nice reflections in it!
Picturit: Thanks Robbie, I am really pleased you like it.
One word: AWESOME!!! What a great photo Astrid. I lobe every bit about it.
Picturit: You make me very happy with your kind words Chantal, most appreciated, thank you.
Excellent shot Astrid - perfect for B&W.
Picturit: Shots like this can only be B&W I think, the fog is not friendly to the colors in nature.
This is a pure delight Astrid. Pollarded willows of the first order ... and that apparently limbless willow will furiously be sending new shoots skywards in a a few months. richard
Picturit: It will grow and stand proud next to the other ones, I am sure of it, thank you for your kind words.
beautiful, the reflection is perfect. I'm wondering why there's now ice on the water.
Picturit: This was taken last wednesday, the temperature was above 'zero', I am glad there was no ice, I would not have had such a nice reflection, thank you for your kind words.
Great stuff...very poetic. Really like this one
Picturit: I am glad you like it, thanks for visiting.
  • Craig
  • 19 Feb 2008, 14:30
That is a gorgeous shot!
Picturit: Thank you for your kind words.
Just a wonderful shot Astrid. Going straight to my likeys
Picturit: Thank you so much for your kind words.
  • Petra
  • netherlands
  • 19 Feb 2008, 16:53
This is a great shot, especially amazing in B&W. I made some pictures the same day and now I'm thinking: maybe I should make mine B&W too
Picturit: Thank you Petra, I noticed that B&W looks better than color, in mine the colors were not that nice, it was too dark to make them 'good', the greytones are nicer, good luck with your pictures, I tought it was not that easy to do.
  • Noa
  • London
  • 19 Feb 2008, 17:43
Nice composition. You've captured the mood very well and it works well in B&W.
Picturit: Thank you Noa, I thought with the fog only B&W would fit in.
  • Paul
  • 19 Feb 2008, 18:06
wonderful atmosphere you have captured here - beautiful
Picturit: Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting,
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 19 Feb 2008, 19:34
Oh so lovely this fog...
Picturit: Kathryn, I was really enjoying myself, there was nobody around, no sound, just me and Mother Nature...and my camera.
  • liam
  • plettenberg bay
  • 19 Feb 2008, 20:50
wonderful shot...adding to the flood of likeys!
Picturit: Thanks Liam, mostly appreciated!!
You've really got these misty shots taped at the moment Astrid. Love this, especially the reflection.
Picturit: Brian, I was lucky that day, it was so pretty, I love the fog.
  • tim
  • United Kindom
  • 19 Feb 2008, 21:13
small maybe, beautiful definately, well done Astridsmile
Picturit: Yes indeed, always beautiful, thank you for your kind words.
Oh! Astrid !This is spectacular! A precious capture!
Picturit: Thank you so much for your kind words José-Angel, I am pleased you like it.
  • Ginnie
  • United States
  • 20 Feb 2008, 01:27
The willows, the willows. The willows let me cry, Astrid, every time I see them. This time I do NOT say to them, "No, Woman No cry!" If anything, they make me want to cry harder and longer. Everything about this says, CRY, Ginnie, CRY.

Thank you, Astrid.
Picturit: Ginnie, words need not to be said between us, so I wont use any words now, just my pictures.............these were/are meant to be for you....
  • chunter
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK
  • 20 Feb 2008, 08:37
What I like about these images is that the fog cuts out some of the unnecessary clutter that might otherwise have been included.

I'm sure there isn't, but there could easily have been an ugly cityscape beyond the trees that would have done nothing for the striking simplicity of this peaceful scene.
Picturit: Colin, once the fog is gone, there is nothing but green grass, old farm houses, I know what you mean, skyscapers, 6 way highway....nothing of this all, just a peaceful polder, yes I am lucky.
  • urban8
  • Stoke-on-the-River-Trent-if-you-can-find-it....
  • 23 Feb 2008, 06:51
Lovely shot, Astrid, full of atmoshere!
Picturit: Yes John, I googled Stoke-on-River-Trent so I know where it is, thank you so much for kind words and for visiting!! have a nice weekend.
Excellent shot Astrid really really. I live fog from a photographic point of view.
Picturit: True words here Nigel, fog is 'killing' in traffic, but magic to me if I have my camera around, thank you for your kind words!
  • Zeus
  • Sub-tropical London
  • 23 Feb 2008, 13:28
Now THAT'S super-cool! H.
Picturit: Harry, I am so pleased for your enthousiastic words!!! I really apreciate them, have a great weekend.
So quiet, so irreal - Seems to come out from an old movie about war and horror ! A likey !
Picturit: Zeb grin war and horror, I think we are 'thinking' the same thing....yes we could make a nice story, just by looking at this picture.
This is so incredibly beautiful!
Picturit: Lynne, thank you so much for your dear words, I was passing this last week and I like to wait for the morning sun a few more days and I will captue this again......this is a beautiful part of the country I live in.
Thank you for visiting and have a great day.

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